Farmers Insurance Presents

Remember Your First Car Matching Game

At Farmers Insurance, we’ve had the honor to develop relationships with millions of Americans throughout the past 85 years. For many, our first introduction has come during a major life milestone – getting one's first car.

We asked Kasey Kahne, Rickie Fowler, the Rascal Flatts and other members of the Farmers family about their first car. Hover over each person for a hint, drag and drop their photo to match them to a vehicle and click next to proceed to the next set of photos. If you correctly complete the matches, you could randomly win signed items, including a No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet diecast, Rascal Flatts poster, golf flag pin and more.


Michael Oxendine

Farmers Insurance NASCAR Team Member

I enjoyed keeping this thing on the road.


Gary LeVox

Rascal Flatts

I called it "The Vet." It was a hand me down, but it changed my life because it was mine and I could finally drive myself.


Mike Linton

Farmers Insurance CMO

My first car was a hand-me-down from my parents. I drove it back and forth to college and graduate school from Cleveland and to Cincinnati when I started my first job.


Jeff Dailey

Farmers Insurance CEO

I'm proud to say I bought my first car by myself - $450 in cash! My parents instilled in me the values of hard work and saving money. What I loved the most was I went where I wanted, when I wanted. Freedom!


Farmers Insurance

First Insured Car

We insured our first car 85 years ago. The car is now in our family and is a treasured part of our history.


Rick Hendrick

Hendrick Motorsports Team Owner

My first vehicle is one I built with my dad and I still own to this day.


Joe Don Rooney

Rascal Flatts

It was a newer truck that my dad let me use. I put a killer stereo/CD player in it and a buddy of mine helped me build a speaker box out of particle board (with my own money, mind you!). It was a BIG sound, in a small truck. Awesome memories! I sure miss that ol' truck!


Keith Rodden

Farmers Insurance NASCAR Team Member

I got to rebuild my first car with my dad. We had a great time working together on that thing.


Jay Demarcus

Rascal Flatts

My mom purchased it for my 16th birthday. I remember feeling an incredible sense of freedom, not having to rely on anyone else for transportation was a really big deal! With that, there was a huge responsibility.


Kasey Kahne

Farmers Insurance NASCAR Driver

This was the first thing I ever raced on a track built by my dad in our backyard.


Rickie Fowler

Farmers Insurance Sponsored PGA Golfer

My first ride was awesome and it taught me to be fearless on the course.


Johnny Roberts

Farmers Insurance NASCAR Team Member

I used to put text books under the seat, so I could see over the wheel.



In celebration of our first auto insurance policy 85 years ago, match Kasey Kahne, Rickie Fowler, Rascal Flatts and other Farmers family members to their first car for the opportunity to win signed prizes.


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